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Kebaya is known as one of the most popular Indonesian traditional costumes. It has already had its place in International fashion scene, especially Asian fashion scene, and has already become a formal attire among Indonesian high society.

While some of you might already familiar with kebaya, the rest of you who are not Indonesian and or Asian, might not really familiar with kebaya. Talking about kebaya means understanding the history itself. The evolution of kebaya couldn't be parted away from our evolution as a civilized nation. History noted that the word “kebaya” came from Arab, Chinese, and Portuguese, which made the three nations have a strong impact on the history of kebaya.

The evolution of kebaya also influenced by the Islamic culture in Indonesia. Starting at the year of 1600, kebaya was officially worn by the king's family members and became one of the status symbol. It was also worn as a formal attire of European women on the era of Dutch colonization. Moreover, kebaya has its own up and down following the changing colonization and symbolism.


However, after the independence era until now, kebaya has evolved into various style and form. Kebaya has already gain its popularity back, become a symbol of high status, and already gained so much publicities and acknowledgement among the Indonesian fashion scenes and society.

Nowadays, we have not only the traditional kebaya or kebaya nyonya, but also having a kebaya couture, formal kebaya, wedding kebaya, and also chic kebaya. Yes, kebaya has already popular among the youngster, which like to wear it in a chic and a modern way. If few years back, kebaya was worn with batik and kain samping only, nowadays youngster could use kebaya with jeans, mermaid skirt, and many more. They could give their personal touch to the kebaya.

Though kebaya has already so popular, there were still some important things that we should know to find the right one. Kebaya is not like any other blouses, which could just fit into anyone's body with a mass standard sizing chart. Kebaya is more about personal statement. It should be worn in a fit way to the body, using personal touch to create the details, and made it look the perfect way only for you.


Some part that should be considered such as the sizing that should fitted, the fabric that will provide different look, different aura, and different body siluet when it worn, the right details, as sequinnes, beads, swarovsky crystals, pearls, embroidery, and many more, so that it looks elegant and classy. For you who love the chic kebaya, you might want to choose the simple and more plain kebaya with less details.

It is not finished here. You still have to find the right fabric for the skirt, the accesories, the right colors, the occassion, and many more. Yes, there were so many details and interesting part of kebaya that you should know before you really made and or buy your own kebaya.and that's why this book is written.

In this book, you will not only find those specific information about kebaya and its history, but also some interesting details such as how to care your kebaya, how to choose the right kebaya, how to combine it for wedding and chic style, and many more.

Though the title is Chic in Kebaya, I found lots of elegant, classy, feminine, couture, and glamour kebaya inside. The information is complete with every part about kebaya and the steps to choose the right one. There were also great selection of various kebaya pictures from many local kebaya designers, inside.

To me, this is almost like a kebaya handbook that every women should have. Very practical, and very useful.
A book I recommend for you who interest with Indonesia fashion and Culture.
ashion and Culture.

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